Education Partners

The following are links to pages of our partners

Palliser Regional Schools

  • For general information on Palliser Schools, click here.
  • For Board Meeting information, click here.

Alberta Education

  • For the Alberta Teachers' Association main page, click here.
  • For general information on Alberta Education, click here.
  • For the Alberta Retired Teachers' Association, click here.
  • For the Alberta School Employee Benefits Plan, click here.
  • For the ATA Library, click here.

Political Engagement

  • To contact the Minister of Education, click here.
  • To contact your MLA, click here.


    • For information on Palliser District Teachers' Convention (PDTCA), click here.
    • For information on the South West Alberta Teachers Convention Association (SWATCA), click here.
    • For ATA information on Teachers' Conventions, click here.


    • For information on ATA Grants, Awards, and Scholarships, click here.

    Professional Resources