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Grace Ermter is our current Teacher Feature!

From the nominating teacher: Grace has been teaching grade one for over 15 years at our school. This lady is the master when it comes to incorporating her professional learning into the classroom. Grace loves to learn and grow in her profession. This is seen by the amount of technology she uses for her little ones. The students are on iPads, exploring new ways to learn how to read, spell, write and do math. Her students are always engaged with her interesting interactive lessons off the Smartboard. Her students constantly demonstrate to their parents what they are learning through the SeeSaw website. Grace is amazing! Every student teacher should come and spend a few days with her!


School:Calgary Christian Elementary School

Current Position: Numeracy Teacher

How long have you been teaching?

23 years

Where did you go to university?

University of Calgary

If you weren't a teacher, what would you be?

Master gardener/Artist (painting beauty in the garden)/Children's author

Favourite thing about being a teacher?

I love the relationships that form and the bonds which allow me (as the teacher) the opportunity to speak encouragement and affirmation and challenge into the lives of my students. Education is not just about the academic learning, but also about building life skills that will serve students for many years to come.

What is the best lesson about teaching you have learned? 

Show your students that you make mistakes and can learn from your mistakes. Recognize your fallibility and be able to laugh about the things you might not yet have mastered. Be kind, be real, and love authentically.

Knowing what you know now, what would you say to first-year teacher you?

Investing in the lives of your students come with great reward... even though you may not always see or notice the "return on your investment," the portion you give is easily returned. Don't ever be afraid to share of yourself! Make sure in the midst of all your "giving" to take care of yourself by learning what fills you up and keeps you in a place of being able to continue to invest. Always take time to do those things too!

 Congratulations Grace!


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