Instructional Technology for Dominica

"The IT for Dominica Foundation would like to invite teachers who are members of the Alberta Teachers’ Association to apply to teach in the 2021 IT for Dominica Summer Institute. We fully anticipate that, like our 2020 Summer Institute, it will again be an online venture. We also anticipate that we will draw from some of our 2020 and our 2021 volunteer instructors to travel to Dominica in 2022.  If you have an interest in international work, an interest in serving learning needs and a desire for post-Covid travel, we welcome your application.

We are seeking educators comfortable using Chromebooks and a variety of Google online tools.  The IT for Dominica Foundation has worked for twenty years with Alberta teachers providing professional development to Commonwealth of Dominica teachers. If you would like to join us, please apply at the following link (deadline February 15th):

For a full description of the IT for Dominica Foundation and its work, please go to this link: 

We welcome working with you!



Ever wonder when and how it all started? It has been a 17 year journey. In 2000 discussions between Dr. Gordon Campbell from Lethbridge, the Dominican Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth, and Palliser Regional Schools began. Dr. Campbell and Palliser Regional Schools received a proposal from the Ministry of Telecommunications in Dominica to meet information technology needs.

In 2001 Dr. Maurice Hollingsworth and Mr. Brian Hood taught the first series of classes to Dominican educators on integrating information technologies into classrooms and provided technical training in using equipment delivered.

In November of 2003 Mr. Abraham Durand journeyed to Canada from Dominica -- a very warm welcome by Canadians, a very cold welcome by the Canadian winter.

That summer Rob and Lynn Cowie arrive in Dominica with Dr. Hollingsworth to teach an intensive series of classes offered across two weeks preparing Dominican teachers to integrate information technologies into their classrooms.

Donations allow the installation of 100 computers, 10 networks and 7 printers, a gift to the Commonwealth of Dominica from Palliser Regional Schools, the Banff Centre, Prairie Rose School Division and Wolf Creek School Division. Mr. Tim Symes and Mr. Darren Eveleigh conduct installations of networks and systems across Dominica and provide on-site technical training. An introductory course on using multimedia is shared with Dominican educators.

Dr. Hollingsworth remains with the program today; recruiting teachers and working collaboratively with the ministry in Dominica.

For more information on the IT for Dominica program and Local 19's connection with them, check out their website here.