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Political Advocacy

Political Advocacy in Palliser ATA Local #19 involves mobilizing our teachers to participate in the political process, whether it be contacting their local MLAs, voting in elections, or rallying in support of Education.

Through the efforts of the Political Engagement Officer, Palliser Local #19 teachers will be given assistance whenever possible to familiarize themselves with the key issues, events, or political opinions that affect their students, their schools and themselves.

Political Advocacy in Palliser ATA Local #19 does not always have to be political. Many Local #19 teachers participate in a wide variety of meaningful initiatives such as Charity Runs, Soup Kitchens, Fundraising Causes and Community Clean-Ups. Our teachers are often front and center at these events in the hope of making our world a better place for all.

What can political advocacy look like?


Non-Partisan versus Apolitical

The ATA, and by extension, the Local, are non-partisan. These means the ATA and the Local do not endorse a specific political party. Apolitical means staying out of politics entirely. As education is part of policy, and therefore politics, teachers are encouraged to be involved in politics. 

Therefore, we ask that teachers become educated on their personal positions, political parties, and elections and advocacy in Alberta. Contacting an elected official to share ideas and thoughts on education and policy, regardless of the official's party affiliation, is being non-partisan. In this section of the website, there will be guides to becoming involved politically. There will not be recommendations for parties or who to vote for. 


Voicing Your Opinion - Contacts

MLA - Discover your representative's name and contact information by clicking here.

Minister of Education - Hon. Adriana LaGrange (UCP)


ATA President - Jason Schilling

Superintendent of Palliser Regional Schools - Dave Driscoll

Palliser School Board Chair - Robert Strauss

 President of Local ATA - Natalie Townshend


Political Action - A Practical Guide